Budget and location are
just the beginning.

Grier’s mission is to help you find a home that will suit your needs today, tomorrow, and a decade down the road. The process begins with an honest conversation about your goals and Grier listening attentively to your criteria. You’ll then collaborate to curate a short list of properties to preview.

What It’s Like to Buy With Grier

Grier breaks down the home-buying process into short, manageable sprints. To prevent her buyers from feeling overwhelmed, she’ll distill the process into a list of action items pertinent to each stage of the process.

Grier’s Questions for Success
  1. Do you have a local lender with a reputation for availability and timely closings?
  2. Do you expect any hurdles with selling your current home?
  3. Have you factored in taxes, insurance, and points into your monthly payment?
  4. What is your tolerance for potential updates that a home may need?
  5. Have you considered selling or lease constraints?
The Search Begins!

Inventory is low! While she can’t guarantee that she’ll find a property in your ideal location with all of your must-have’s, Grier will make it her mission to interpret your needs and find you the properties that have greatest potential.

Clients have different preferences when it comes to their involvement in the home-buying process, and Grier tailors her approach to suit each one. Have a ready-made list of homes you’ve found and would like to see? Great! She’ll help you narrow down your list to find the best candidates. You don’t know where to start searching for a home?Grier will get to know your new-home wish list and will comb the area for potential suitable properties.

A Competitive Edge

The real-estate market is competitive and often moves quickly.

In addition to having a network of local connections, Grier is also a broker with Nest Realty, which means that she is connected to the best channels to discuss homes before they even hit the market.

When it comes to making and closing offers, you need a broker who will negotiate smartly and who knows how to make your offer attractive to sellers. Not everyone gets a chance to make a best-and-final offer. Because of this, Grier knows which components to include at the outset to make your offer strong and competitive.

Start Your Search

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Grier’s Buyer Contract

Grier promises to be with you from start to finish. Her network of resources is at your disposal. From recommending a top-notch lender, to choosing a thorough inspector, and helping you pick an attorney, she will make sure you are informed and educated to make the best decisions every step of the way. She even has a list of recommended contractors for that move-in punch-list you’ll have, because the home-buying process doesn’t end when you sign the papers and get the keys.

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How Grier’s Approach Works for Buyers

“Grier was a great partner in helping us find our home. We were under some time constraints and encountered several obstacles throughout the selling/buying process — Grier was with us every step of the way to help us navigate everything. Her knowledge of the market, kind & patient attitude, and commitment to her clients is evident in everything she does.”

“Grier has excellent knowledge of Charlottesville’s real-estate market. But where she really excels is in the relationships she has with local real-estate experts such as home inspectors, closing attorneys, etc… She was invaluable in guiding me through the entire process.”

“Grier helped my family buy and sell our first house, all within a two-year period! We felt completely comfortable and confident in Grier from the first meeting to the last. She was extremely knowledgable about the market, the buying and selling processes, and kept us on track at all times. She is extremely easy to get along with and is always patient and willing to answer any questions we had. We would recommend her to anyone in the Charlottesville market. We could not have been happier about our experience. Thank you, Grier!”