Your proactive guide to
the real-estate process.

Over 13 years, Grier Murphy has partnered with more than 180 clients. She is an invaluable resource with an expert’s knowledge of the market, a broad network of local connections, and the marketing tools to help you achieve your goals.

From Renovator to Realtor

Grier is originally from New Hampshire, who, like many of her clients, moved to Charlottesville to attend UVA. After college, she entered the food scene and opened a cafe called Liquid in downtown Charlottesville. She also met her husband, a builder, here and together bought their first property and renovated it themselves. She learned so much in the process of transforming their house — how to be resourceful and creative, how to look at spaces and see their potential — and enjoyed it so thoroughly that she began to look for other home projects.

In her search for another investment property, Grier met a number of local realtors, and realized that her newfound skills and interests were well-suited to not just DIY renovations, but to real estate as well. Buying and renovating multiple properties has given her an appreciation for how homes are built from the ground up, how all the systems work, and how to spot potential. She brings that experience and attention to detail whenever she visits a home for a client — Grier can understand how the house was built and knows how to spot and deal with potential problem areas. Now she channels her love for homes to help her clients buy or sell theirs.

Grier’s First Priority

Educating You

Grier wants to share her experience and market knowledge with her clients. She’s refined the home buying and selling processes to make them smooth and seamless for her clients, proactively providing schedules, checklists, FAQs, and guides to what’s coming next.Furthermore, Grier will take the time to listen to your needs and to educate you about the process — leaving no question unanswered — before moving ahead to the next step.

Grier’s Priorities Simplified

Listen deeply and advocate often.

Not every broker takes the time to understand her clients’ motivations. You deserve a partner who listens carefully to what you say, then helps you clarify what matters most to you. Grier will prevent you from getting lost in the process and keep you moving toward your goal.

Treat clients with care.

Rather than rush through your real-estate transaction, Grier will help you balance ease with efficiency. Ask her anything; you’ll get holistic and trustworthy advice every step of the way.

Negotiate fiercely but with integrity.

Real estate can be stressful, and it takes a deft hand to deal with the challenges and to navigate the process smoothly. Grier firmly believes that a competitive market and ethical business practices do no have to be at odds.

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Grier’s Approach in Action

“As first-time home buyers, Grier did a great job of guiding us through the home buying process. Not only was she friendly and knowledgeable, but she really went to bat for us when the sellers were being less than cooperative. All in all, buying a house is a stressful process that is made better by working with Grier.”

“She took the time to help us find the exact home and location we wanted and needed. Grier patiently addressed all our concerns of moving to a new area, especially as a retired couple. She was amazing!”